I have a real hard time taking the left seriously because we have seen the horrible real world examples of what they advocate and it has always led to colossal failure. Communism and Socialism has failed wherever it’s been tried and yet progressives laud the evils of Capitalism and wish to return to those imposed, oppressive systems which are proven unworkable.

Between 1945 and 1955 the world tried the great Socialist experiment. Korea split into North and South. Germany split into East and West. China and Taiwan also split. These were identical countries and cultures that were divided; one side embraced a radical socialism with government controlled markets while the other remained free. Now some 60+ years later the verdict is in and the results are not unsurprising: the free economies are ahead of their socialist counterparts by nearly every measure of human well-being. They are vastly wealthier. They are safer. They have better healthcare. They have more rights for women and minorities. They have more general freedoms and better environmental records on the whole. And they did not suffer the same levels of violent government oppression that led to the death of millions of its own citizens. The outcomes could not have been more different.

Capitalism is not an economic system; it is what happens all by itself when men are free. Socialism, by contrast, can only happen by force and imposition upon a free people. It never just happens naturally of its own accord. This is why progressives are the real fascists; for everything they want is an assault on what men desire most: the right to live and act freely without government interference. Or simply put: freedom.

How can anyone remain a Socialist and advocate for political candidates that espouse Socialist rhetoric after the glaring history of failure for these collectivist ideologies is idiocy on a grand scale. It renders these advocates naive and historically illiterate. This is not to say that capitalism is flawless and not open to abuses; for men are naturally selfish and corrupt. But it is a platform that allows for honest trade and commerce between two parties and leads to fairer outcomes.

If you want to live in a Cuba or a Venezuela with empty grocery store shelves and few technological advances, then by all means, move there. Do not agitate for more government controls over the free movement of goods and the redistribution of another man’s wealth. Do not speak against the system that has provided you with the many modern conveniences you enjoy.  And don’t be surprised by opposition from those who want to retain their personal freedom and not have a system that is a proven failure foisted upon them by fools. We’ve seen this play out too many times already, and it has never ended well.

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