The Coming European Conflict

Last weeks terror attack in the UK by a British Muslim was just another in a long list of Islamic terror attacks across Europe in the last several years. These attacks are increasing in frequency and will continue as long as we are afraid to stand up and name the enemy: Islam.

The British Muslim population has seen a steady increase over the last couple decades to almost 3,000,000 now in 2017. At current birth rates and immigration rates, a couple studies show that England will be a majority Muslim nation some time between 2060 and 2080. If this occurs, will we still be able to say that England is English? The answer is, no.

A nation is its people. England is England because it contains English people. The character of a nation is determined by its people and the common values they hold. Men are tribal and nations that thrive are homogeneous in culture and values. Take all the Irish out of Ireland and it ceases to be Ireland. We may still call the land mass Ireland but it is no longer Irish in any meaningful sense once the people are removed or replaced.

There is no “magic dirt” that makes Muslims living in England English, or that will make immigrants coming there something they are not. This latest attacker, even though he was born in the UK, was not British and no amount of thinking it will make it so despite what his passport might have told us. The more diverse a population that a nation has, the greater the conflict that comes with it. Diversity is not strength, and in fact the opposite is true. This is an observable fact and this latest attack is more evidence that there is a cultural divide between Islam and the West. The West is committing societal suicide by allowing the migrating horde of Muslims to invade, and it is an invasion by any definition of the word. England will cease to be England once the English people are supplanted and become a minority in their own land.

In a generation Europe will be transformed into a barbaric Islamic cesspool (imagine the Middle East without oil revenues) with all it’s customs that are antithetical to the tolerant West. It will be a bloody 40 years ahead. Europeans will see their lives threatened and transformed and there will be war, if human history is to be our teacher. An invasion of this scale has always led to conflict and it will again. If the British want to remain British and preserve their nation for their posterior, they need to expel every Muslim and immigrant in their midst; it is the best solution for both the British and for the immigrants as it will avoid a most certain, future bloodshed.

We will watch as things continue to crumble in Europe; our wives and daughters raped and exploited, gay people beaten and murdered, those of other faiths executed and those that reject Islam honour-killed. The British, the Germans, the French, the Dutch, and others have all handed over their birth-rite to those that want to rule over them. This will continue unless good men rise up to reclaim their nations and preserve them for their children. The history of humanity is the history of war and these have always been fought along tribal lines. It will be no different now.

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