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There was a time with hair less grey
That life seemed easy, fun, and gay.
The future held aloft and bright
With hopes unmarred by black of night.

Then darkness came on heavy air;
It choked the life and brought despair.
The dreams of youth seemed out of sight,
And sorrow came in dying light.

The road had lost its golden hue
And Zion seemed so far from view.
Alone I walked with spirit bowed
And hope had slipped behind the cloud.

As I look back on passing years
I see myself and all the tears.
I’d like to tell that younger boy
That not all paths will lead to joy.

And in that time of long past days
I saw myself and all the ways
That love is lost and anger spent;
The source of pain and great lament.

But dawn will come; the sun arise,
And bring the light back to the skies.
As time will pass, and anguish cease,
I hope for good, and yearn for peace.

© dbro