Thoughts On Pride

It’s that time of year again when rainbow flags fly and “Pride” parades happen throughout the major cities of the world. It’s an odd celebration put on by people who define themselves differently from the other 98% of the population. Now, I am all for the freedom to live your life as you choose and to celebrate things important to you. But, by the same token, the normalization of homosexuality has always been one of the final markers of a decaying and disintegrating civilization, and a sure sign that we are a culture that no longer values truth nor strives for the virtuous. While it may be a source of pride for some, we cannot just easily gloss over the truth about homosexuality.

1) There is no gay gene. There is absolutely no scientific evidence in the literature to support such a notion. People are not born this way. It is an unscientific claim to make. From what is known, it seems to be various environmental inputs from early on that take us all down a certain sexual path. We choose to embrace or deny the cravings, lusts, and passions that arise in us and that molds our preferences. Sadly, there is also a strong link with homosexuality arising from abuse as children; also here. Sexual abuse has far-reaching affects not the least of which can be a struggle with same sex attraction.

2) According to statistics, condom use in the gay community has plummeted over time since HIV has become manageable with drugs and no longer the death sentence it once was. Homosexuals are  less risk averse and more open to putting their health in danger. No amount of money spent on sex education will change people’s behaviour. They will follow their lusts regardless of the consequences and regardless of the endless stream of information given to them. There are some who go out of their way to risk contracting HIV at “sex roulette” parties. and another yet smaller subset of individuals known as “bug chasers” who try and contract as many STD’s as possible. This is not normal behaviour.

3) Sexually transmitted diseases occur at a far greater rate in the gay community than in the heterosexual community. HIV is almost entirely a gay disease despite their efforts to make it seem otherwise. A new strain of incurable gonorrhea has arisen amongst gay people and will slowly spread into the mainstream population. It is a behaviour and lifestyle that promulgates disease and poorer general health overall.

4) Monogamy does not exist in gay relationships. The statistics on “indiscretions” or “gay hookups” within “committed relationships” so-called, are greater than 95% in almost all studies conducted. Personal sexual gratification trumps commitment at almost every turn. Restraint and self-control are no longer virtues to uphold. Homosexual monogamy in relationships is almost non-existent.

5) Biologically speaking, homosexuality is not “normal.” It is an aberrant behaviour. It occurs in only 2-3% of the population. Homosexuals should be treated with kindness and love, but that does not mean we normalize, celebrate, and teach our children this behaviour is biologically normal and beneficial.

6) Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end. If it were indeed a genetic disposition, this gene would have been selected against and disappeared from the population millennia ago because its carriers would be unreproductive. It is not a genetic trait, but rather, a mental disposition. That is why it still persists today. As deviancy is defined away and all sorts of aberrant sexualities are normalized and celebrated, the number of people experimenting and embracing them will also grow as it becomes more socially acceptable. The need for some to be seen as different can be easily embraced by adopting one of the new, trendy, orientations.

7) The word “pride” to denote this display of one’s sexuality seems to be a word that overcompensates for a reality that remains hidden. Why is there “pride” in ones orientation? Why is someone “proud” of their same sex attraction? Heterosexuals take no pride in what to them is biologically normal. The word “pride” acts as a glossy veneer over something most understand to be unnatural and not the default orientation of the procreative heterosexual. One should not have to announce and display their “pride” if in fact there was a real belief that it is an orientation that nature intended.

8) If homosexuality is a legitimate orientation, then by the same logic so is pedophilia. You cannot argue for the validity of one without arguing for the validity of the other; and indeed, we have seen just that of late. If our orientations our based on our feelings of attraction, where is the line we do not cross? Because the talk of sexual orientation is so ingrained in our culture, it will only be one to two decades from now before pedophiles will be a protected and celebrated orientation; concomitant with a large drop in the age of consent for children. Pedophilia was common behaviour in ancient Greece and Rome and it will slowly come back into fashion as deviancy is defined away, and no sexual behaviour is allowed to be judged by another.

9) We have lost what it means to be ashamed. Shame is no longer in our lexicon. We now take pride in unnatural things and shame those things which are good and pure and right. We repress our feelings of shame in order to do our best to not be affected by the guilt associated with our behaviours. Shame and guilt are necessary to maintain an orderly society and can be good in helping us to change destructive behaviours.

10) Any opposition to the gay narrative of the day will have one branded homophobic or a bigot. Name calling is a useful strategy and has been used throughout history to silence and denigrate ones opponents. It is for personal thoughts that homosexuals want to silence and shun those who oppose being told they need to accept this as normal. That is the mindset of the fascist. People have different opinions yet only one side on this issue wants to silence their opponents and destroy their livelihoods. It is interesting to note that even within gay communities, personal racial preferences are being targeted as bigoted. Fascists always want to control the choices of another.

11) I believe in the freedom for anyone to live how they so choose. But I also believe in the freedom for anyone to think and believe in whatever they want and not be dictated to what beliefs are acceptable, and what thoughts are not. One person should not dictate to another how they should live or what they should believe. But neither should we shy away from telling the truth.

12) It is no longer about being gay. It is about ideology, first and foremost. The gay rights activists will no longer accept those LGBT people who do not adhere to their progressive narrative in all facets. At it’s core, it is a progressive ideology using sexual orientation as one of its weapons against traditional mores and the family. They have become fascists who want to control the thoughts and actions of others because of their politics. It was a plan from the beginning to destroy the family, monogamy, and the fictitious “patriarchy” by promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

13) Homosexuality is a destructive orientation. It leads to greater rates of depression in children with same-sex parents. Suicides are higher in the gay community due to more difficult relationship problems. 90% of anal cancers are attributable to anal sex and occur primarily among men. Gay people abuse substances 2 to 3 times more than straight people. Homosexuals suffer from a far greater rate of mental illness than their heterosexual counterparts. Gay and lesbian couples report far greater rates of domestic violence in their relationships.

Let me be clear: this post is written to dispel many of the myths that have been promulgated in order to normalize homosexuality. Regardless of one’s orientation, all men and women are of equal value and deserve to be treated fairly by others and the law, not because of their sexual orientation, but because of their humanity.

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