A Costly Complacency

Last night, a suicide bomber walked into an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, and blew himself up, killing 22 people and injuring many others. It was another incident in a long line of barbarous Islamic attacks on innocent civilians.

It is a fact of history that Islam is a religion of the sword and has expanded through the use of violence; and that terror attacks were an effective element of war used by Mohammed himself against his enemies. When you allow the barbarians to peacefully enter through the gates, conflict will eventually arise and put the native population at greater risk. We see this everywhere as Muslims emigrate and increase their geographical presence and influence.

There was a time when the British people cared about defeating evil during WWII. They fought hard against the tanks and planes of the Germans because they were British people defending the British nation. If it were today, Hitler would only have to employ diversity and multiculturalism as his weapon of choice against the British to secure an easy victory. It’s hard to watch the West commit civilizational suicide by importing people that hate them and their way of life, and not naming the evil in their midst: Islam.

What a tragic and horrible event, and yet it is an event that we are told is “part and parcel of living in a big city” according to Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London. Get use to this: more attacks are coming. Get use to this new way of life. Hold a candlelight vigil or write something heartfelt on Facebook, or stand up in solidarity with others against “Islamophobia,” but actually do nothing. If you can’t name the evil; if you can’t eject the evil from your presence, get ready for more, get ready for worse. Submission to terror has never been this easy.

Now in case one thinks I’m being overly dramatic when describing the threat, a 2016 survey of British Muslims revealed some startling facts. Most notably, as it relates to this latest incident:

Four per cent–the equivalent of more than 100,000 British Muslims–told the researchers that they had sympathy for people who take part in suicide bombing to fight injustice. Asked if someone they knew was involved with supporting terrorism in Syria, just one in three would report it to the police.

100,000 British Muslims would approve of this attack and two thirds of them would not report a known jihadist to the police; that’s more than 2,000,000 British Muslims that would not report a known jihadist. The enemy is in our midst and we are inviting more. Is there any wonder why this continues?

There is only one solution for those with any fight left in them: send them all back. Every last one. They hate you and your way of life. This is a cultural and civilizational war that only one side knows they are fighting. Our own values of tolerance and peace are being used as weapons against us. Islam cannot be reformed; it’s original texts will not allow for it. Jihad against the West will continue until all men are under submission to Islam. We can fight, or we can submit. The most humanitarian option would be to repatriate all Muslims back to their homelands and eliminate the strife and conflict that comes with this unworkable type of diversity. Let men live in peace amongst those with whom they share the same values. It is really that simple.

We can remain complacent, but it will be costly. We can light candles or tweet against “Islamophobia” to virute signal that we are a progressive, tolerant people; or we can eject those in our midst that are responsible for the conflict, the terror, the death, that has become too commonplace. There isn’t another option.

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